The xRetail range aims to provide painless instant retail options for commercial property owners and developers.

Park xRetail anywhere

If you have a little bit of unutilized GLA and excess parking. The range is able to provide an array of 6, 10, 30, 50 and 70 square metre unit options, with 15 square metre incremental sub-divisions of larger units, none of which demanding any wetworks or preparatory works. These are ideal for location in tarmac or paving surfaced parking and unutilized structured parking decks.

Scale up with ease

Convenience centres can maximize their lineshop presentation, provide instant lifestyle environments and react to consumer shopping trends in the time it would take get the required permissions and effect the fabrication processes. Regional & super regional malls could create outdoor lifestyle retail where they had no such prior offering, artisanal markets, small service lineshops and layered outdoor foodcourt offerings.

Engineered to be flexible

The range is able to provide an array of 6, 10, 30, 50 and 70 square metre unit options, with 15 square metre incremental sub-divisions.

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4–6 Weeks

3–5 Weeks

Solar kits available


Plugs in mains

Plugs in mains

Double glazing

Year round comfort

Discover the xRetail units


xOstendo & Max Plus

From R90 000 – R200 000 (Excl VAT)

The Max Plus is a 10m2 space with a clip-on deck and awning. It can be configured for residential or retail. With space for a bathroom, kitchenette and bedroom all within a compact envelope. 


x30 / x50 / x70 Classic

From R400 000 – R700 000 (Excl VAT)

The x30 is the entry level xRange unit. An ideal compact home, getaway cabin in the woods or that fishing cottage in the mountains. Make your dreams a reality with an x30. 


x30 / x50 / x70 Barn

From R400 000 – R700 000 (Excl VAT)

The x50 is the ideal get away from it all family cottage. It can be configured for space saving or for a more indulgent, home away from home - kick your shoes off - type space.

Green by nature

The ethos of xPod and Biobuild talks to an environmentally friendly approach in treading lightly wherever we go.

Responsible from start to finish

Each configuration can be paired with an appropriate green energy and utility solution, dependent on where the site is located. Anyone who has had the stress of embarking on a conventional home renovation or greenfield build will recall the pain and possibly welcome an approach of spending your personal energy wisely. Conserving energy in every possible way is our goal for you.

  • Signage Design & Manufacture

  • Council Submission Drawings & Runners

  • Shopfitting

  • Project Management

  • Master Planning

  • Space Planning

  • Store / Interior Design

  • Brand / Corporate Identity

One stop retail shop

If required, we’re able to masterplan your retail units for you, from a single store to a branded precinct, site plans to the shopping bags.

Another Multiply innovation

The xPod is brought to you by Multiply, specialists in the design and manufacture of in-situ, modular and expandable units. We are committed to bringing the best eco-friendly, sustainable solutions to market at afforable prices. We use the latest tech and our smarts to make this happen.


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